Speedy freight transport truck

Safety & Security

Safety and security are paramount at Speedy

We can’t say it enough—our people are critical to our continued success. We value their contribution and their safety. We have the necessary training and safe operating principles in place to ensure safe working conditions at our facilities and on the road.

We are compliant with homeland security programs

Speedy has the credentials for seamless border crossings-- we are FAST and C-TPAT approved. This translates into fewer delays at the border. For clients using Speedy Transport as their distribution centre for Canada, all our warehouses are Canada Customs bonded. We also work with our customers for assistance with pre-clearance customs procedures.

We’re a Smartway carrier and we have all the following certifications (in addition to C-TPAT and FAST): ACI, ACE, PIP and CSA.

Transportation security programs
Speedy transport driver refueling truck before shipping