Speedy freight transport truck


We started small and grew fast

Founded in 1941 as a local, same-day parcel pick-up and delivery service, Speedy Transport has grown to become one of central Canada’s premier carriers. In the early years, motorcycles with sidecars delivered small parcels in downtown Toronto. Now, sophisticated transport services operate from terminals along the Windsor-Quebec City 401 corridor.

Our facilities were built with LTL distribution in mind

Our head office is conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario with a 100,000 square foot cross-dock facility acting as the central distribution hub. With a fleet of over 250+ owner-operators, we provide fast and effective distribution throughout Ontario, Quebec and the balance of Canada. Our commitment to delivering customer satisfaction is driven by our company’s most valuable asset—our people.

Our core service connects Ontario and Quebec, daily

The Windsor-Quebec city corridor is one of the most active transportation lanes in North America. The roughly 700-mile stretch of highway is home to half of Canada’s population and three of Canada’s largest cities.

At Speedy, connecting these communities on a daily basis is what we are best known for. Based on distance and pick-up time, we offer scheduled LTL service on an overnight and second-day basis.

There are many complementary transportation services available for our customers’ added convenience

With over 7 decades of service, our offerings have evolved to meet the changing requirements of our customers. These additional services include:

Speedy freight transport truck